Monday, March 28, 2016

4-5 of my favorite images

It's really hard to pick 4 or 5 favorite images. However, here are the most recent ones I love.

I love capturing his real smile. He can give me the biggest cheesiest smiles, but these are the smiles that melt my heart. And that window light is pretty awesome, too. 

Jonas loves his sister. He watches out for her, he takes care of her, and he is so gentle with her (sometimes). I love when I capture him being a gentleman. He is wiping the snow off her hand - so sweet!

Jonas, my son, wrote his name on all his valentines for preschool. I love watching him grow and learn!

They love to play together and she thinks he is so funny. I love capturing moments and freezing time. 

Couples are awesome because they are so in love. And capturing that love is a pretty cool super power, I'd say. :) 

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